About Us




I’m Emma – founder of Namilloh and lifelong lover of jewellery. From early childhood I was captivated by my mother’s jewellery box and the simple luxury of her classic gold chains, so much so that hours of playing dress-up led to sketching my own designs. With generations of entrepreneurs in my family each with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, it wasn’t until I welcomed my baby boy into the world that I realised I would follow in my relatives’ footsteps.



The inspiration behind Namilloh coincided with my becoming a mother for the first time. It came very naturally, almost light bulb moment to create my own brand from the seed of an idea in the early weeks of having my baby I would lay awake feeding and designing. I searched for a special keepsake that would forever remind me of how lucky I am to have had my baby boy, but found nothing that I desired. Casting his tiny fingerprint into precious metal was a way that I could hold those memories close to my heart for the rest of my life. As for the design I knew exactly it had to be timeless and effortlessly wearable, but most importantly it needed an extra-special glisten.



The jewellery that we create in our London workshop is for everyday wear, yet its fine craftsmanship is something to be passed down through the generations. Whether you are purchasing a necklace for yourself or as a gift for someone special, I hope it fills you with as much joy as my own pendant does for me.


Enjoy your unique creation and treasure those everlasting memories.


With love,


Our Jewellery


All our jewellery is made to order within our London workshop, so that we can make your bespoke piece exactly as you’d like it. Created to last a lifetime, each of our designs is brought to life in solid 9ct gold and hallmarked by Assay London with its verified gold content.


While we want our jewellery to have a huge impact on the wearer, we’re just as mindful to ensure that its impact on the planet is kept to a minimum. With that in mind, we can promise that all our gold is sourced sustainably and that our precious diamonds are sourced ethically from conflict-free areas.