The original and most popular, our fingerprint engravings are at the heart of Namilloh. Wonderfully intricate and totally unique, we think there’s no better way to hold that special someone close, or to preserve baby’s precious first years than with this charming memento.




Wherever their feet carry them through life, our footprint engravings ensure that a piece of them always will always be by your side, while our handprint engraving option will make you feel forever connected. We’ll shrink their footprint or handprint and position it perfectly on one of our solid-gold pendants. 




For some of us, our pets are as much a part of the family as our own flesh and blood. Celebrate the joy that a furry friend brings to your life by casting their paw print into precious metal, so that you may always hold dear the memories of their unconditional love and loyal companionship.




Sometimes life takes an unthinkable turn, and we offer our deepest sympathies to anyone who may be experiencing a tragic loss. While we know that a piece of jewellery cannot mend the heartache of losing a child or loved one, we can only hope that our fingerprint pendants may offer some comfort on your journey to healing. For the person who will forever be in your heart, we’ll create a keepsake to honour them for a lifetime.

Other engravings


Namilloh don’t only engrave prints onto your precious jewellery, we also are able to engrave up to 20 letters, numbers onto your pendant. Here are some suggestions;

-       Name

-       Initials

-       Date of Birth

-       Place of Birth

-       Place of special memories

-       Favourite quote

-       Special words

-       Age of prints