How do I place an order?


You can place your order through our website by adding an item to your basket and paying online. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your order with us, you can order over email at info@namilloh.co.uk


How do I pay for my order?


We take payment through our website at the time of placing your order. We will accept all major credit card and debit card providers.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?


If you have ordered jewellery with an engraved print, our timeline of 4 working weeks will start once we have received your prints, whether you send them to us via post or email. All our jewellery is bespoke, which means we’ll make your order specifically for you.


Can I change my personalised engravings after ordering?


Once we have received your prints, we are unable to change your order as we will have already processed this in our workshop. Please contact us via email and we will see if we can approve an alteration.


How old does my baby have to be to take a fingerprint?


You can take prints from any age, but please be aware that a baby’s fingerprint is very delicate. The grains are much stronger and tend stand out more clearly from the age of 2 and above. However precise you’d like the print to be is to your own taste, though if you’re unhappy with the definition of the fingerprints that you’re achieving we would recommend trying a footprint or handprint instead.


When will I receive my printmaking package?


If you have chosen to have your jewellery engraved with a print, we will send you a printmaking pack within one working day from the time that your order is placed. We dispatch these packs via Royal Mail’s 1st Class service and, if ordered before 1pm, it will arrive within 3 days of ordering. If you have not received the pack within this time please let us know via email.

How do I return my prints?


Please send a picture of the prints to prints@namilloh.co.uk and include your order number in the subject line. We will approve your prints within 2 working days of receiving them and notify you over email. You may also post them to us using a prepaid envelope included with your pack.


Can you improve the clarity of the prints?


We can enhance and clean up the detail of the prints, and enlarge or minimise their size, but the majority of the clarity comes from the ink print itself. We recommend that you set aside time to get the best print for you and ensure that you are happy with the final print(s) that you send us.


What if I’m not happy with my prints?


Whether or not you are happy with the prints you have taken is entirely to your discretion, as each piece we create is totally unique and therefore we can’t be sure of your expectations for your print. We would suggest that you provide us with multiple prints and we can then select the best for engraving – there is no limit to how many prints you may send us. We will not put your engraving into production until you have approved the final choice of print.


Are the prints created to actual size?


Please be aware that all prints are scaled down to fit within the size of our pendants, with a border. All pendant sizes are written in millimetres on our product pages.


What prints can I make?


Our fingerprint jewellery is suitable for any loved one, including your pets. We offer fingerprints, footprints, handprints and paw prints – take a look at our Types of Prints page to get a better idea of what you’d like. If you have something more bespoke in mind, please email us and we will be happy to help.


Can I reuse the ink from the printing pack?


Yes, you can use both sides of the strip provided. We recommend you keep the ink strip safe until we have confirmed that we have a clear and useable print from those that you have sent to us. Just make sure that you store it in a cool, dry place and put both sides back together.


How long do I have to return my prints to you?


We would recommend waiting no longer than 2 weeks to return your prints to us, as the price of gold can fluctuate and may result in a change to the price of your order.

Can I make multiple prints at once?


Yes, the ink will cover multiple fingerprints and a hand or foot, depending on how many people you are taking prints of. If you need enough ink to cover more prints than this, please add a note when ordering.


Can I come to your shop to make the prints?


Unfortunately, as we are solely an online store, we cannot oversee the printmaking process.


Can I order the pendant without any print?


Yes, our engraving is a complementary addition to either the front, back or both sides of our designs but is not obligatory.


What engravings do you offer?


We offer an array of fonts and print types shown in our engravings page. You’ll be given the option to select the type of engravings that you desire when you add your item to your basket – whether you’ve chosen a fingerprint, handprint, footprint or text engraving. You can select to do one or the other, or even both.


How much text can I write on a pendant?


We have a character limit of 20 letters or numbers on our pendants, as the text can come up small. You can write anything you desire on the pendant, as it is entirely unique to your order.


Will my jewellery look like the photos on site?


Yes, all jewellery has the exact same dimensions and finish as pictured on our product pages. With that said, if you’re choosing an engraving this will be unique to your own print.